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SMILEY WEB is a small boutique webdesign agency in Regensdorf/Watt, Switzerland founded by John Lyons & Daniela Lyons-Imgrüth. The creation of beautiful and affordable websites with service and support is what we do. We take time to get to know each and every customer so that we can get the feeling of what the want and need.


We exist to supply any web design, no matter what budget it has. We love to be there for our customers and help them develop websites that are also representative. In addition, we are convinced that it does not cost a fortune to create a website for a restaurant, a craftsman, an architect or any other website solution. While our main focus is on creating beautiful and affordable websites, we also offer services including SEO/SEM Google AdWords so that your website will be better found by Google and UX/UI optimization so that your customers can more easily interact with your website.



We take time to listen to you. We want to understand your wants and desires, as well as your business goals so that we can design the best possible solution that fits your specific needs and wishes.


Once we understand your needs, we will develop a concept which includes only what is needed to reach your goals. 

Need photos? we can help with that too.


After careful listening and planning, we will design your homepage using the latest techniques so that your website will be a success.

All of our homepages use responsive design and are mobile friendly.


We deliver to you a website which is ready for take off! Launch your ideas and dreams into the world, no matter how small or big - we are here to help.



From simple Homepages to professional business websites or eShops we will do the best work for you and at a fair and correct price.

We're pretty fast too.


We are here for you if you have any troubles or questions. You will have direct access via E-Mail and telephone.


 We use a system that is hosted on the cloud so no worries about software updates and security updates as this is all included.


Your website or eShop is ready but now you need to drive traffic to your page. That is where our optional services like SEO optimization or Google Ad Words come in to discussion.




up to 4 Sections

from CHF 750.-

Hobby-Websites, personal Homepages, simple Landing Pages

Creation                 CHF 750.-

Service package    CHF 295.-*

* yearly


up to 6 Sections

from CHF 1'900.-

Simple website for a small business, club or band

Creation                CHF 1'900.-

Service package   CHF 395.-*

* yearly


up to 10 Sections

from CHF 3'800.-

A professional Website for a small to middle sized company

Creation                 CHF 3'800.-

Service package    CHF 495.-*

* yearly


up to 100 Products

from CHF 4'400.-

Sell your products online with a modern and easy to manage eShop

Creation                  CHF 4'400.-

Service package     CHF 495.-*

* yearly


John Lyons 

Tel. +41 76 414 20 25

Daniela Lyons  

Tel. +41 76 414 20 24

Dorfstrasse 55

8105 Watt

E-Mail: info (@) smileyweb .ch